It’s been a while since I last updated the blog, so I thought I’d just very quickly provide an update to what I’m up to and how things are going on.


The ransom work is developing quite well. Approximately 75+ targets have been hit, and I’d say about 70% pay the ransom. Each op normally takes no more than about 30min to conduct with payouts of anything from 50mil up to 3.2bil its well worth the effort. Of course; the targets need a bit of grooming where the higher paying targets needing more attention than the rest… so the time in all for the most profitable targets can actually run into a few hours. Still a good payout.


Concord has no bearing on what is done, so no fear of loosing a ship  - other than a target getting a bit above themselves and having a go. Epic fail if they do – but still, they could get lucky. But with no security hit, each target is all for the taking and can be quite a bit of fun.


As skill grow so do the ships and fittings. Skill training thus far has been pushed towards to the ship types that is ransomed to increase the haul amount per op. Now that’s done, training returns to DPS and E-War to further enhance that aspect of operations.

Currently, operations have been supplemented with Industry by Trading, Mining and Building…. Its also a good source of sticking up on cheap ships.

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