Hi… I did say that I was an EVE player. I’ve signed up for a free Podlog blog where I can document my Eve developments along with other players.


You can find my POD LOG at ‘Recce-Master POD Stop‘. You can get yourself a free PODLOG for yourself here.


I’m still testing the system to see if I will post my EVE content here or at my podlog… I’ll keep you all posted as one of the restrictions coming to podlogs is free and premium accounts due to the operators server costs. With the free account you get 100mb file restrictions, which is fine for just text, but slap a few screen shots up and a vid, and your out of luck straight away. Costs are discussed at around £3 to £5 per month, which if I’m honest is no good to me as I all ready have a commercial unlimited hosting where I am, and therefore may just launch my EVE presents here at Grumpygit.org as originally planned.


But still.. some of you budding or current Eve pilots may like Podlog as a resource for yourselves, so I thought I’d post the info to help others.